February 13, 2010

The Best TV Criticism Around...

...isn't in print, even though it's from magazine writers, Michael Slezak and Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly.

I've raved before about Entertainment Weekly's website, especially PopWatch. Nothing on the site is as consistently perceptive and funny as Idolatry, in which Slezak and one of his EW comrades obsess about everything Idol. Slezak may not be slick, but he is about as comfortable in front of a camera as any journalist I've seen since Roger Ebert. He also has the gift of establishing rapport with all of his co-hosts, none more so than with the witty and acerbic Kristen Baldwin.

They both love American Idol. They both despise American Idol. Just like most AI fans.

Watch them dissect Hollywood Week on AI -- Kristen Baldwin is close to going on maternity leave, which will hurt Idolatry almost as much as Simon Cowell exiting AI. Idolatry is at least as much fun as the show that inspires it.