March 25, 2009


Continuing Website Week on, I had to include my current favorite popular culture website: PopWatch, part of Entertainment Weekly's site.

Popwatch includes a mix of breaking news, commentary, videos, interviews, and not a few blog entries written by performers, particularly hosts and judges on reality shows (expect weekly reports right after the airings of Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Bachelor, etc., often revealing background unobtainable anywhere else).

What I like best about PopWatch is that the commentary is always by genuine fans of that show or artist, even when the tone is critical. There is more coverage of television than some other subjects (movies, video games, pop music, advertising are all given their due, too), but I think rightly so, as I think television is the most interesting mass medium right now.

Another big plus: PopWatch boasts a maximum of humor and a minimum of snark or pretension. PopWatch is a worthy companion to EW the magazine.

And while you're already at, why not stop by and visit Ken Tucker's Watching TV blog. Tucker doesn't post every day, but when he does, he usually has observations about a show that aired the night before, often with video that you might have missed. I often don't agree with Tucker, but he's one of the best TV critics ever.