Comment #1


Here it is.  The birthplace of grape ice cream.

Comment #2


Here’s an establishment with the right priorities.  Ice cream first. 

Where the magic happens.

Comment #3


It’s always time for Tony’s.

Comment #4


One magnificent  hunk of grape ice cream.   Note famous hand model showing off the concoction to  its best possible effect.

Comment #5


Karen Burdoff showing off.

Comment #6


Look how pallid that woeful yellow ice cream is compared to the fabulosity of  the purple grape.  Come to think of it, look how pallid the yellow ice cream is compared to Wilson Burdoff!

Comment #7


Notice the “Flavored” on the label, a sure sign of artificial grape flavor.

Comment #8


That leaf tantalizes us.  Could Tony’s be selling “Grape ‘n Cream” ice cream?

Comment #9


Grape deserves top billing.

Comment #10


If only we lived in Gastonia, North Carolina.