October 05, 2012

RIP, Frank Wilson

A great songwriter, Frank Wilson, died last week, after a long illness. Wilson wrote songs (often, just the music), among others, for the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and most successfully, for the Supremes. He was one of the hands in trying to update the image of the Supremes, most successfully, commercially, with Love Child. My two favorite songs of Wilson's, though they were both singles, were not mega-hits:

Co-written with three other songwriters, including the singer, is the original and best version of You've Made Me So Very Happy, by the great Brenda Holloway:

The Supremes put out many terrific singles after Diana Ross left the group. The first single starring lead singer Jean Terrell was "Up the Ladder To the Roof," featuring the music of Frank Wilson with lyrics by Vincent DiMirco: