June 04, 2011

More Single-Shoe Sightings (International Edition)

After more than ten years, readers are still sending me stories about finding single shoes, but rare is a sighting so far from Imponderables Central. John Miller, of Auckland, New Zealand, writes:

I have just been reading an article on Raoul Island near New Zealand. This was in the Sunday Star Times 22 May 2011.

I was interested in the following; "Few traces of the outside world make it to Raoul—with the exception of the numerous pieces of flotsam along the shoreline: lengths of rope and left-footed jandals (various theories abound as to why no right-footed jandals ever wash in)."

(Jandals are what we New Zealanders call a type of sandal. In other countries they are known as thongs or flip-flops).

This fascinated me and I can't think why it would be so. The "various theories" weren't stated.