February 02, 2009

Jim Parsons


I try to watch the first episode of every new network sitcom. Last year, I caught the debut of Big Bang Theory. I was looking forward to it because I enjoyed Johnny Galecki's work on Roseanne. After watching a couple of episodes, I concluded: better than average show, not worth watching on a weekly basis.

I've changed my mind. It's still not a great show, although greatly improved over season one. But I think it's worth watching Big Bang Theory just to watch Jim Parsons's work as Sheldon, the ubergeek among geeks. The soul of BBT is the interaction among Galecki's character, Leonard, his impossible-to-live-with Sheldon, and Leonard's crush, Penny, played by the immensely appealing Kaley Cuoco.

Tonight's episode has a less than exciting synopsis: "Sheldon tries to help Penny with her financial difficulty." Worry not. Parsons is sure to deliver some belly laughs along the way.