October 03, 2008

Icons and Squids

Every day I look at the New York Times TV listings, and I usually find some program that interests me that I didn't know about or had forgotten about. In the latter category, tonight at eight is the premiere of Ironic Iconic America on Bravo, based on the book by Tommy Hilfiger and George Lois.

Considering the variety of programming it offers, I'm amazed at how seldom I've tempted by Discovery shows. But one thing did catch my eye: at 8, you can watch Quest for the Giant Squid ("Expedition hopes to observe the giant squid in its habitat"). Maybe the sequel is premature -- at the very least, it deflates the excruciating suspense of the preceding show. At 9: Colossal Squid ("Scientists study a colossal squid up close for the first time").