June 16, 2008

TV Monday

Between baseball season and my obsession with the November elections, I haven't been blogging much about TV. And I'm far behind in my viewing, especially on reality shows. I'm curious about how Nashville Star has changed since jumping from USA to NBC, and I'm curious how monstrous tonight's debut of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (A&E at 10:00 p.m.). I'm puzzling how DeAnna, this season's Bachelorette can "tell all" in a special at 8:00 (a special in the middle of the series???) when there is a new episode of the already completed series in the next hour. And I have morbid curiosity about Life's a Trip, featuring steel-jawed Canadian Andrew Anthony, who is visiting Las Vegas and Los Angeles at 11:00 p.m. and Kobe, Japan. If you go to the Travel Channel's bulletin boards, it's hard to find a single fan of the show. Secret Diary of a Call Girl debuts on Showtime at 10:30, after the season premiere of Weeds. Critical reception has been middling.

One reliable show, Intervention, is back on A&E at 9, and several other compelling documentaries air tonight. I'm most excited about Resolved (HBO, 9:00 p.m.), a look at the stylized world of high school debate, and Ten More Good Years (Sundance, 9:00 p.m.), a documentary about four gay seniors.

I'll also be looking at MSNBCs line-up tonight. Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and David Gregory are all mentioned as possible successors to Tim Russert on Meet the Press. Is every night an audition for them?