February 10, 2008


I'm writing this well into the third hour of the Grammy's, before Amy Winehouse's live performance. As anything could happen, let me just observe that this is the best Grammy broadcast in recent memory. Someone, bless him or her, decided to feature musical performances by artists who can actually sing and play. What a concept! Aretha Franklin. Alicia Keys. Keely Smith. Good stuff. So far, the only major downers were Kid Rock (you're no Louis Prima!) and a lip-syncing Beyonce.

Most of all, I'm happy that Vince Gill won for best country album for the much praised but still under-appreciated These Days. Vince Gill, like Alison Krauss, tends to be the country artist that non-country fans enjoy. And I admit that this description fits me to a T. He's a true triple threat, a great writer, musician, and vocalist. If he were edgier or hunkier, he'd be a much bigger star.