December 17, 2007

Strike, Schmike

To those who bemoan the state of television, my reaction is: Are you nuts? There are so many interesting shows on television, particularly nonfiction/reality stuff. I'm going out tonight, and have my two DVRs on overdrive.

Will I like everything I'm "taping? Almost certainly not. There are some shows debuting tonight, such as the game show Duel on ABC and Clash of the Choirs on NBC, but more promising is the first installment of VH1 Classic's Seven Ages of Rock.

Then there are some standbys. Intervention on A&E tonight offers a follow-up on two addicts profiled; Little People, Big World, on TLC, one of my favorite reality shows, finds interest in the most mundane corners of human existence (tonight, Jeremy gets his driver's license -- this sounds like a plot summary from Leave It To Beaver); and Nimrod Nation, on Sundance, continues its examination of sports in small-town America.

Two documentaries explore religion: Kike Like Me on Sundance and Hard as Nails on HBO.

And I'd guess almost as many Imponderables readers are interested in the finale of I Love New York 2 as last night's Survivor.

I love movies, and try to see them in theaters whenever possible. I feel like it's a good year if I love five films, and like 10 of them. But I'd be surprised if I'm not happy with six or eight hours of TV tonight, alone, and I'm not even including Pardon the Interruption or Countdown with Keith Olbermann.