November 04, 2007

Seinfeld on King

I found a link to this video on Mark Evanier's wonderful website, News From ME

Mark writes:

Larry King used to brag a lot that he did zero preparation for his if that was a good thing. It usually turns out to be a great way to make sure that you only ask the obvious, predictable questions that your guests have answered everywhere else and for which they have stock replies. Or sometimes, you just look clumsy, as in this brief exchange the other night with Jerry Seinfeld...

As a former guest on the show, I can attest to the fact that King, at least then, had spent about as much time with my book before our segment aired as I have discussing Dostoevsky with Paris Hilton.

Just for the record, although I don't have any inside info, I think Jerry was just having a little fun. I doubt if Seinfeld was upset at King's ignorance, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed needling LK.