September 22, 2007

Sin City Law

The new Fall season is upon us and although so far I've seen nothing that has knocked my socks off from the Big 4, I've already found a show that I think is spectacular. Despite its unfortunate title, Sin City Law, created by sterling filmmakers Denis Poncet and Jean-Xavier De Lestrade, follows the a public defender and D.A. in Las Vegas.

Suffice it to say that no dramatized courtroom show has ever captured the drama and the banality of a trial better. I can't disagree with a word of Ned Martel's review in the New York Times.

The first two-hour trial is repeated at midnight tonight and two more follow directly (get your DVR ready for four consecutive hours) on the Sundance Channel. Or you can watch the shows as they debut on Monday nights from 9-11 P.M.