November 21, 2006

Bad Clothes, Good Song

I'm always happy when I like a song by a musical act that I don't usually like. It gives me the illusion of open-mindedness.

I can't say I've ever enjoyed another song that the Osmonds ever issued. But I adore Love Me for a Reason, a classic soul ballad from 1974 (co-written by soul singer Johnny Bristol). Here's a live version from YouTube that features lovely five-part harmony, some atrocious outfits, and a persuasive argument that the Brothers might have been stronger without Donny as lead singer.

Love Me for a Reason became a big hit for the English boy band Boyzone. There are a couple of live versions on YouTube, but the vocals don't hold up well. Here's a campy, 1970 video with the recorded version. I'll take the Osmonds.