November 01, 2006


Amazon Fun & Games Gem.jpg

My publisher, Collins Reference, a cozy little divison of the vast HarperCollins empire, has just issued two "greatest hits" compilations of Imponderables. One is Fun and Games, devoted to sports, games, and popular culture.

The other tackles science.

Both books are small-sized but contain nearly as many mysteries as a standard Imponderables book.

The books contain Kassie Schwan's original charming illustrations. That's the good news. These two books are part of the Gem series of little books that Collins has made so popular in the UK. Unfortunately, the big chain bookstores in the U.S. haven't seen fit to carry the whole line of books, so distribution is limited, although all the online bookstores carry them.

If you've read many of the Imponderables books, the Gem books might not be for you. All of the material was previously published in one of the 9 HarperCollins Imponderables books. But if you have someone who is interested in sports, popular culture, or science, you can do worse for eight bucks apiece.