October 01, 2006

I'm Cramming...

and for once, it's not food I'm cramming. I'm studying my own book, because I start with interviews tomorrow for the release of Why Do Pirates Love Parrots?. Studying on Sunday night conjures up some rather unpleasant schoolday memories. One can be excused for not remembering the correct order of a plant in a biology class, but "I don't know" isn't an acceptable response to a question you've answered yourself in a book.

I wrote the Pirates almost a year ago, and in some cases, did the research more than a year ago. Sometimes, the memory falters. Thus I'm reduced to Sunday night anxiety, just like the eighth grade.

If you click on the first headline in the news, you can see the schedule for interviews. If you have a chance, call in to radio shows and share your Imponderables.