March 27, 2006

Imponderables Status Report

Exciting developments here at Imponderables Central.

I just received a copy of cover art for my forthcoming book (the manuscript I'm handing in on April 3).

And Amazon just uploaded a page where you can pre-order it.

You can't see the cover yet, but the date of release is mentioned (it's not really going to be released in September, but in October or November). There's a price (that's great if Amazon is really offering the book at a 35% discount).

And then there is the page length: 288 pages.

Well, that's funny. Because I haven't finished the book yet. I don't know how long the book is going to be yet.

I've got one week to finish the book. And I've got one week to make sure that I've lost 13 pounds since the beginning of the year. If I don't,a dire event confronts me.

Will I make the deadline? Will a fate as bad as ALW face me? Stay tuned.