March 12, 2006

The Davie-Brown Index

Advertising agencies and media companies are always looking for ways to quantify what are essentially the qualitative feelings that consumers have about celebrities. Davie-Brown is the latest in an attempt to improve upon Q-ratings (which essentially measure how much name recognition a celebrity has and whether this person is one of the respondent's "favorites" -- a word that goes undefined).

Donald Trump is barking about his DBI rating. When I worked at NBC, I had access to Q-ratings and found that many famous but notorious celebrities barely registered as "favorites" -- and Donald Trump was one of those. So were Geraldo Rivera and Dr. Joyce Brothers. My guess is that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are probably in this category now (at least if you exclude tweeners) Television stars like Michael Landon, Jean Stapleton, and Carol Burnett would get "favorite" ratings seven or eight times as high as Trump.

Here' more info about the DBI and here's the DBI website.