February 21, 2006

Nothing To Watch On TV?

On the contrary,there's altogether too much. The highest ratings, no doubt will go to American Idol, with the twelve female semi-finalists facing off. And the Olympics continue, with the women's short program in figure skating the biggest draw.

But here are some other goodies:

Two documentaries: Frontline's "Insurgency" focuses on interviews with Iraqis, including government officials, insurgents, and ordinary citizens. HBO's Dealing Dogs spotlights the abuse of dogs obtained for medical research.

And Turner Classic Movies offers a quadruple-feature of Southern-themed movies today, starting with the wonderful family drama, Sounder (featuring a devastating performance by the late Paul Winfield), Fried Green Tomatoes, Sissy Spacek's splendid performance in Coal Miner's Daughter, and best of all, Robert Altman's masterpiece, Nashville.