December 23, 2005

The Title Hunt

Sorry that I've been a bad blogger of late. I'm working hard on the next Imponderables book, and have been low in inspiration. Coming up with a title for my books is always an exercise in exquisite torture.

This time around, I sent a list of semi-finalists to a bunch of my friends, and my editor ran the same list through folks at the publisher. Unlike widget makers and movie studios, book publishers don't have the money to conduct research, and at least with my titles, we are all working from instinct.

Really, the only books that didn't have some trauma involved in the title process were When Do Fish Sleep? and Do Penguins Have Knees? The process is so annoying that I deliberately held back the number two title choice from Do Elephants Jump? so that I'd have a decent title for the next book if I couldn't come up with a better title Imponderable.

Guess what? Last book's bridesmaid was the next book's runnerup, too.

What's the title? It's not official yet. When I can announce it publicly, you'll be the first to know.