November 22, 2005

Ted Koppel's Last Night

I needn't add to the hype. Tonight is Ted Koppel's final appearance on Nightline. The show has been at its best in the last month, often offering half-hour investigations into topics no other network show would touch.

Most of the producers are staying beyond Koppel's tenure, so I'm hoping that the show will continue with a mix of breaking news and the kind of feature stories closer in subject matter to the New Yorker than In Style.

Still, the whole concept of Nightline has revolved around devoting whole shows to one topic. The loss of Koppel, arguably television's best interviewer is bad enough; if Nightline becomes a generic magazine show, it will be a real shame.

Tonight's Nightline features highlights from Koppel's interviews with one of his favorite subjects, Morrie ("Breakfasts with Morrie") Schwartz, and then Koppel's farewell remarks. Don't miss it.