October 09, 2005

New Orleans and Toilet Training

While it's undeniably true that the only reason I've visited New Orleans so often is to eat there, I'm also charmed by its denizens. In today's New York Times Magazine (free registration might be required), native Michael Lewis returns to visit his home three days after Hurricane Katrina. His picaresque account is hilarious and heartbreaking. He captures the spirit of his city well.

Now I understand why, regardless of how serious the subject matter, the Lewis wit shines through -- he has impeccable genes, as is evidenced by his father's beloved Lewis family motto, which I will now adopt as my own:

Do as little as possible
And that unwillingly
For it is better to incur a slight reprimand
Than to perform an arduous task.

And as long as you're at the site, why not check out this front-page story about the latest in toilet training -- the sooner, the better.