October 02, 2005

Roger McGuinn

Roger McGuinn, leader of the Byrds, keeps one foot firmly in the past (he loves traditional folk music) and one foot securely in the future (he was an early adapter of the Internet and loves technology).

Does that mean he has no foot in the present?

While we ponder this Imponderable, let's get to the point of this post: McGuinn's website is wonderful. Sure, there are links to buy CDs, guitars, and shirts, and a listing of McGuinn's tour schedule. But there is also an excellent blog and best of all, The Folk Den, with over 100 MP3's of traditional folk songs, mostly featuring McGuinn on acoustic guitar and singing solo. McGuinn has been uploading The Folk Den for one month shy of ten years. It had been years since I visited McGuinn's site, and I was prodded to go by Phil Spector scholar David A. Young, who pointed out that on March 1, 2005, McGuinn posted a version of Follow the Drinking Gourd, with gorgeous background vocals by none other than Ronette Nedra Ross.