September 13, 2005

Two New Talk Shows and One Documentary

In the interest of science, I checked out Martha Stewart and Tyra Banks's new shows' debuts. I'm not sure a live studio audience suits Martha well, but so many of her instincts are good, such as not overloading her first show with a frenzy of activity.

Tyra's first show, on the other hand, was a camp classic. Tyra has decided to go the Oprah rather than Montel route. The show was all over the map, but one theme united everything from a beauty makeover to a feature on makeup -- EMPOWERMENT. It seems that nothing on the show will be exempt from spiritual uplift, nudged along by Tyra's dewy-eyed gaze. No matter who she's helping, it's all about Tyra. And Tyra was dizzily hyper. She can't keep up this pace or she'll explode (not sure whether her ego or body will give out first).

I can't recommend either show in good conscience, but I can recommend Tyra in bad conscience.

I'm not excited about any of the network debuts tonight, but I'll be watching Rikers High, Showtime's documentary about the schooling within New York City's most notorious prison.