August 26, 2005

Why I'm a Big Man (Part 2)

Sometimes the most exciting food discoveries are happy accidents. More than ten years ago, when roaming around the wine district of California, some friends and I stumbled upon a small store in Petaluma, Angelo's Specialties. We were on the hunt for picnic food, and found some, but Angelo's offered all sorts of bottled and packaged products of its own, including olives, mustards, pasta sauces, etc.

But what caught my eye was the beef jerky. Angelo's daughter was kind enough to let us sample many of Angelo's varieties. My favorites remain the ones I liked best then -- plain, pepper, and hot pepper. Right now, I'm chomping on a big hunk of hot pepper jerky, and it reflects Angelo's Italian heritage. The seasonings are not unlike an Italian sausage -- a sort of Slim Jim jerky with a red pepper kick. Absolutely delicious.

Most of Angelo's products are available by mail order. You can call the 800-number or order via email from the info on the website. Either way, you'll get personal service and some great food at reasonable prices.