August 19, 2005

More Kept Blogging

An eagle-eyed reader of this blog (O.K., it was me) noticed that the blog of Seth, the winner of the reality show Kept, links to the blog of his pal and runner-up's, Austen. Austen is more articulate than Seth, only seems to party every other night (Seth is much more consistent).

I'd classify Kept as a postmodern reality show. Although the ostensible prize was the "privilege" of being Jerry Hall's kept man, the notion of romance, even affection, didn't rear its pretty head. The two finalists, Austen and Seth, clearly cared more about each other than Ms. Hall. Hall reciprocated the indifference.

This lack of phony desire made Kept breezy and watchable compared to many reality shows. Austen's blog isn't particularly interesting except for the entries about the show itself, which strike me as honest and unaffected (check out the August 3, 4, and 7 entries), and a rare, candid, but mostly positive look at what it's like behind the scenes at a reality show.