August 08, 2005

I'm So Excited!

These are exciting times at Imponderables Central. I'm happy to report that a contract for my eleventh Imponderables® book is signed, sealed, and delivered (for details, see "News from Imponderables Central" above). I'm going through scads of mail, e- and snail-, and this is a great time to send me your little mysteries of life . You can just click on the "email" button to the left and send me your gems. If a reader of this blog sends me what turns out to be the title Imponderable of the next book, I'll whip up a special prize for you, along with the usual autographed copy. Collins Gem

Speaking of gems, I'm also on working on another project. In England, Collins puts out a series of books called Gem, handsome small-sized books on every conceivable subject. Here's an example: You might notice that my new paperbacks are from Collins rather than HarperCollins -- that's because Collins, a division of HC, is now publishing all of the reference books from HarperCollins. I have a wonderful new publisher, and one of his ideas was to gather Imponderables together in thematic books (such as "Sports Imponderables," "Science Imponderables," "Animal Imponderables," etc.), and release them as Collins Gems in North America. I'm picking out my favorite mysteries from the last ten books; the first of these collections will be out in 2006.