July 05, 2005

2 New Reality Shows Debut Tonight

And one of them sounds slight but promising. A&E has done little promotion for it, but Family Forensics is an interesting twist:

"New real-life series about a Los Angeles police detective, crime scene investigator, and psychologist who conduct a two-day investigation of a family's home while the family is away. They go through drawers, boxes, garbage, computer files, photos, financial records, and everything else to discover the family's history, secrets, and internal dynamics. Each episode culminates with the disclosure of the forensics team's findings, which force family members to confront the truth about themselves and begin a new chapter in their lives. Rob Nelson hosts."

MTV rips off Colonial House in its inimitable way. At 10:30 P.M., The 70s House puts its contestants through a horrendous trial:

"We take 12 modern kids and force them to live as though it were the 1970s. No cell phones, no iPods, no Britney! Only rotary phones, 8 tracks and Farrah. Will they be able to survive the groovy life?"