June 27, 2005

More on Macadamias

We heard from Suzanne Shriner, from the Big Island of Hawaii. Suzanne is the co-owner of Lions' Gate Farms. Suzanne read our follow-up discussion of why nature provided a shell for macadamia nuts that animals can't seem to crack

Suzanne writes:

"Aloha, I read your April 14th post on macadamia nuts with interest. We have 5 acres of mac nut trees. I wanted to add a couple of animals that can manage the "hardest shell in the world". Wild boars have no problem cracking them open. In fact, they are second only to rats in the amount of crop damage done to farmers here.

We also have a dog who can worry the nut open. She's broken two canine teeth this way, but that doesn't stop her from laying in the field and cracking nut after nut."