March 12, 2005

What Were the Odds?

Reader Hal Roberts, from Bellingham, Washington writes:

Just finished Do Elephants Jump?. Another fun read.
However.........I'm curious!!! How many responses have you received from Red Sox fans regarding your statement in the introduction to the letters section on page 251? I would imagine you would get a pretty good idea of how many readers you have in the Boston area.

For those unfortunate few of you who don't yet have your copies of Do Elephants Jump?, the relevant passage (part of the introduction to the Letters section of the book) reads:

Some things you can count on. The swallows will return to San Capistrano. Every summer we will be bombarded with crummy sequels to movies we didnít care about in the first place. And the Red Sox will field a promising team that will wilt in the clutch.

Anyone with the slightest compassion will feel for me. What were the odds that the Red Sox would win it all in 2004? Strangely, most of the mail rubbing it in does not come from Boston. I'm not sure it has totally sunk in that the drought is over in Beantown -- old thinking habits die hard.

Hal signed his email: A Seattle Mariner fan (Red Sox West?)

There's a little Red Sox fan in all of us.