February 08, 2005

Read the Fine Print

In the interest of science, I've been watching The Entertainer, the "reality" talent show on the E Channel. It's a disorganized mess, full of meaningless challenges that have nothing to do with what contestant would make the best Vegas headliner. Which makes The Entertainer a bundle of fun.

When the prizes were announced, Wayne Newton (who, like Donald Trump on The Apprentice, has two associates as his eyes and ears but decides on the eliminations himself) described the grand prize as an employment contract as headliner at the Las Vegas Hilton as "worth more than a million dollars."

The word "worth" sent out signals to this veteran TV-watcher, so I still-framed the closing disclaimer (which is almost as long as the end credits of a Star Warsmovie). The relevant sentence:

"The value of the contract offered to the participant who is awarded
the title of "The Entertainer" includes the cost of producing and
marketing the show(s) in which "The Entertainer" will appear."

In other words, the "winner" might be pulling down minimum wage.