January 12, 2005

Going Postal

Yikes. I've heard from several readers that mail to the Imponderables P.O. box listed in Do Elephants Jump? has come back unopened.

Here's the deal. If you've sent the letter to "Dave Feldman," I've gotten it. If you wrote to "Imponderables" I probably have not. The USPS, in its infinite wisdom, will no longer accept mail to a P.O. Box unless it is addressed to the person who applied for the box or a business name confirmed by a registered letterhead. So as we speak, I'm busy making up a fake letterhead for Imponderables to satisfy this requirement.

All of this should be resolved in a matter of days, but for now, it's probably safer to write to:

Dave Feldman
PO Box 116
Planetarium Station
New York, NY 10024-0116

The old mailbox in Los Angeles is still open, but I'd much prefer email or mail to the New York address.