December 14, 2004

I Kid You Not

My nomination for freakiest reality show premise ever:

"Fox will have a new series on the air come January 3rd called Who's Your
Daddy? with host Finola Hughes. If you're not familiar, here's the
premise. A reality/unscripted series where one young woman, adopted at an
early age, is trying to figure out which of the adult men presented, is
actually her father whom she has never met. The goal of the non-father
participants is to try and convince her of their authenticity. Nice.
There are 8 eps altogether which kick off with a 90m premiere January 3 at

From whom did I quote this stunning annoucement? It's from Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis, a television newsletter that I receive daily as E-mail. It includes Nielsen ratings, TV job postings, and other valuable TV news. Best of all, it's free and generates zero spam. Here's where you can subscribe.