November 20, 2004

Hear Dave Live on the Web

I've started doing quite a few radio interviews to promote Elephants. A couple of readers have emailed me asking about whether any of these broadcasts are streamed (live or not) on the Web.

So I checked out the websites of the stations and found:

1. Most radio stations have cruddy websites. Amazingly, at least one-third of the sites didn't include the schedule of the stations. But at least there are plenty of banner ads instead.

2. Many stations do stream their programs live on the Web. So if you click on the link,, Hear Dave on the Radio, at the top of this page, or right here, you can see what interviews are available on the web.

A few provisos:

1. Note that times are local times for the time zones of the local channel.
2. I have a nasty habit of repeating jokes.
3. All schedules are subject to change.

The schedule is light on Thanksgiving week but starts up in earnest the week following.