October 07, 2004

The Elephant Has Landed

I just received my first copy of the finished Do Elephants Jump? This is always my happiest day in the publishing process.

At several stages, I've had to review the manuscript I've submitted. I always loathe what I've written soon after I've turned it in. If I started reading Elephants now, I might have the same reaction. But for now I can enjoy the book as a thing, a commodity.

I'm immensely grateful to William Staehle, who not only designed the jacket for Elephants, but for all the forthcoming editions of the backlist in paperback. He came up with the logo for Imponderables, the idea of the thought balloons, and the clean and witty design.

But it is my long-term collaborator, Kassie Schwan, who drew the elephant's legs and perspiring mouse for the jacket. And as always, Kassie's wonderful cartoons help distract readers from my questionable prose.