September 25, 2004

Why I'm Happy I'm Not a 12-Year-Old Girl

It's simple. If I were a 12-year-old girl, I'd probably think at least a couple of the boys in the cast of Complete Savages, were hot. And then I'd want to watch Complete Savages. This would be a bad mistake. This is a really, really bad sitcom. ABC's latest entry in its Friday TGIF line-up, Complete Savages received mucho attention leading up to the Fall premiere because it was created by Mel Gibson. And he directed the pilot/1st episode.

While he displays quite a range (The Passion of the Christ and Complete Savages in the same year!), it doesn't make it any easier to sit through this witless sitcom about a divorced father (Keith Carradine, who, while not funny, at least has the grace not to overplay a losing hand), who presides over a motley group of five, mostly out-of-control sons. Only Andrew Eiden, as the "smart" son, really registers among the cast members.

At first, I couldn't figure out who the actor was who played hunky son, Chris. I confess to consulting the invaluable Internet Movie Database and realized that the actor was Erik von Detten, nominally best known for being the star of Dinotopia. But I'm sure he is most proud of almost winning Celebrity Mole: Hawaii.