September 22, 2004

Your Personal Baseball Highlight Reel

Mark Sinclair, the illustrious webmaster and designer of this website, emailed me today about a cool feature of Major League Baseball's website. A day or so after a baseball game is played, some of the numbers in the box scores are highlighted. Click on the number and you are fed a video highlight reel. For example, go to the September 20, 2004 Toronto Blue Jays-New York Yankees box score. You'll see that Russ Adams, Toronto's terrific shortstop prospect, went three for five, including a home run. Click on the number 5 (for at bats) and you'll see the television coverage of all five at bats, including replays of his home run. If you can't bear to see Adams leave runners on base, then click just on the 3 under "hits," and you can see only Adams's successes.

Yankee pitcher Javier Vazquez took the loss. If I were him, I'd click on the number 3 in the strikeout column and watch my three moments of triumph. But if I were a Red Sox fan, I'd take a gander at the 4 under earned runs, and watch how he blew the game.

Mark notes that MLB isn't consistent. Not every game has these video links and you can't always tell when they will appear or for how long they will last, but it's a great way to string together your own version of Sportscenter highlights for just the players and teams you want to follow.