September 14, 2004

Pat Croce: Moving In

I love games and am fascinated with reality shows, so you'd think that Survivor and Amazing Race would be favorites. Not really.

My favorite reality shows are ones where the "characters" are just hanging around, interacting, direct descendants of MTV's The Real World. The ultimate "hanging around" reality show is the syndicated Starting Over, in which six women work on various goals (e.g., losing weight, finding a birth parent, learning to be independent) with two life coaches while living together in a house. When one of the women "graduates" by meeting her goals, she leaves and a new woman enters the house. Starting Over is on five days a week for an hour, so by necessity, the mundane interactions of everyday life creep in. Starting Over's second season started yesterday, and I'm sure I'll be writing about it in the near future.

I fear that the "near future" is all that Pat Croce: Moving In has in store. Esentially, this syndicated series takes the kind of relationship problems usually discussed (or screamed about) on studio-bound talk shows and changes the location -- Pat Croce goes to couples' homes and attempts to solve their problems. In a half-hour.

It's all campy. The disembodied voice-over intones dramatically leading in and out of commercials, the problems are presented as dire, and the positive thinking Pat Croce always saves the day. It always ends in hugs all around.

If it sounds like fun to you, track this show down fast. It's not long for this world.

When Pat Croce loses his gig, will he seek a life coach for advice?