September 12, 2004

Let the Blog Begin

Every blog has to begin somewhere and sometime. This is where and when for mine.

Why a blog now?

1. Iíve got three new books coming out: one new hardback and two reissues. And the blog is a craven attempt to drive traffic to this too-long neglected site.

2. The blog will give me a chance to respond to letters and emails and follow-up on Imponderables content on a timely basis, including stuff that may not find its way into future Imponderables books. Until now, the only way Iíve been able to keep in touch with readers in between books is to respond to individual emails.

3. The blog will allow me to make all sorts of pronouncements about popular culture. What better time to start than at the beginning of the new Fall season of television, my particular obsession?

How can you help? Email me with your comments, your Imponderables, and your suggestions. Unless you specify, Iíll assume you are cool with my publishing your comments and name here.

Let the Imponderables blog begin!